• 6: Moonbase Alpha launches unmanned Spacefarers 4 and 5 to probe the Jupiter system to look for clues as to what went wrong with Astro 7[1]


  • 2: Anton Gorski assumes the position of Moonbase Alpha Commander for the first of two separate stints.[1]


  • 13: Bill Fraser attends classes in Space Sciences at Queen's University in Toronto; he is eventually assigned to Alpha's Sciences Section, although he is also an excellent pilot and will work in this capacity most of the time.[1]


  • 13: Years of economic difficulty in Russia cause riots to erupt all over the country; the provisional government loses a confidence vote, and Communist hard-liners gain control.
  • 14: Siberia and the Baltic provinces threaten to secede if the Communists consolidate their hold on power.
  • 16: Russia starts rearming with the intention of intimidating the dissenting republics.
  • 19: The U.S., unnerved by Russia's turn to rearmament, resigns from the W.S.C. and starts allocating funds to the building of arms.
  • 20: The E.C. denounces both the Soviet and U.S. military build-up and promises to boycott all U.S. products if the build-up is not stopped.
  • 22-27: Anti-war demonstrations occur in several countries.[1]


  • 21: Io, one of Jupiter's moons, explodes due to geophysical forces. The event is captured by Astro 7's long-range telescope.


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