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  • 9: Space News report on speculation regarding the commander of Astro 8, known as the Ultra Probe. Shortly after the broadcast, John Koenig flips a black/yellow disc, to decide whether he or Tony Cellini should take command of the mission, with the loser overseeing the mission from Moonbase Alpha. Cellini correctly calls black, and wins the Probe assignment.

    Dragon's Domain.
    This contradicts the September 3 date stated in the episode. The date was written in the script as 9/3/96, using the British day/month/year format. Unfortunately, Bob Sherman, the actor playing the newscaster, and director Charles Crichton, both incorrectly assumed the date was written in the US month/day/year format.[N 1]

June 6. Ultra Probe is launched from the Interplanetary Space Station at 12:00 hrs.

Dragon's Domain. Date and time are given in Helena's voiceover.[1]


  1. This may have been due to the fact that in 1996, March 9 was a Saturday, while September 3 was a Tuesday, based on the newscaster's 'later this week' remark.