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Alan Carter is Moonbase Alpha's Chief Eagle Pilot.


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Alan is the only person on Alpha to have actually seen the nuclear explosions which ripped the Moon from its orbit and hurled it into deep space. He had been assigned to head the construction of the Meta Probe in lunar orbit when the disaster occurred. After he witnessed the shattering cataclysm, even though he could have returned to Earth, he decided his loyalty was to the people on Alpha. This decision and Alan's reaction show only a small part of his ability and integrity. His professional achievements are all the more impressive considering his personal tragedy. A Eurasian girl with whom he had fallen deeply in love while stationed in Bali was murdered by terrorists. This terrible reality Alan will never forget, but it will never stop him either. His talents as a pilot and athlete are always in demand. He is one of Alpha's most valued residents.

Early Life[]

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Australia, his major talent was horsemanship but his fondest dream and greatest love was flying. As a teenager he flew his family's private plane.

Service before Breakaway[]

As a young man he joined the Australian Air Force. As an adult he became an Astronaut in the U.S./Australian Space Co-operation Program (1994). Three years later he was the third man to go to Mars. In January, 1999, Alan became a member of Moonbase Alpha, having successfully tested the Eagle Transporter and Mark IX Hawk.

Service on Moonbase Alpha[]