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Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook Profile[]

  • Date of Birth: AUGUST 5, 1963
  • Place of Birth: NEW YORK
  • Assigned Alpha: JULY 5, 1999 (THIRD TOUR OF DUTY)
  • NOTES: Bob was born, raised, and began his preliminary education in New York. Later, when his career decision became definite, he moved to London for the best training possible. That decision was to learn the science of psychiatry. So while Helena Russell looks after the physical well-being of Alpha residents, Mathias looks after the mental and emotional aspects. He leaves the surgery to Helena and she leaves the soul-searching to him. Another of Bob's talents that comes in handy during the long Alphan nights is his expertise at chess. An avid player, he holds seemingly endless bouts with Moonbase's other resident expert, David Kano. Although he was well liked in his medical position, Bob thought it best to transfer to the Data Section so he could better study man's stress factors in deep space. He was replaced in the Medical Center by Dr. Ben Vincent.

Catacombs Character Guide details[]

An old friend of Koenig (Dragon's Domain). Koenig calls him as "Bob" in 1997 - yet he is addressed as "Mathias" in Breakaway & Matter of Life and Death.[N 3]

In 1997 he appears to be in charge of Medical (Dragon's Domain) but by 1999 he is Dr Helena Russell's deputy. Alternatively the more senior medical chief in 1997 may not have been present when the Ultra Probe was brought in; or the chief was a scientific appointment who would not be involved in treatment. In any case, Mathias does not seem to resent Helena. He is devoted to his job and his patients.

He is an Eagle co-pilot in The Last Sunset and Death's Other Dominion

Plays chess with Kano in Black Sun, performs magic in Guardian of Piri. Argues with Paul over power for medical in Force of Life & The Testament of Arkadia.[1]


  1. Not The Last Enemy, The Infernal Machine, Mission of the Darians
  2. The Metamorph and The Exiles, although he is mentioned in One Moment of Humanity.
  3. This could be the result of subconcious resentment on Koenig's part, due to the possible involvment of Mathias in the grounding of Tony Cellini.