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Clifton Jones is a Jamaican actor known for his roles in British television.

Jones came to Britain in 1954, aged 16, to study at the Italian Conti Stage School. His first role on stage was in the 1956 play The Good Sailor, directed by Frith Banbury at the Lyric, Hammersmith before a European tour in 1957. The play, known as Billy Budd when it was on Broadway, starred Philip Bond as Billy with Leo McKern as Claggart; Sean Connery was in a supporting role. He appeared on television in the play First Night: The Road (63) and as a regular in the series Emergency Ward Ten (1961), and a guest in The Persuaders (1971). While serving in the RAF he was given leave to appear in Green Pastures, his big break on television. He also had small parts in films, including The V.I.P.s (63), Decline and Fall (68) and Innocent Bystanders (1973).

After Space 1999 he appeared in Survivors (1977), The Professionals (197?) and as a regular in 1990 (1978).

In 1979, he may have appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation in two minor roles. Although the (uncredited) actor may have been named Clifton Jones, and he did look similar, we cannot definitively say it was the same actor.[N 1]

Jones appeared in 23 episodes of the first series, first appearing in Matter of Life and Death, replacing Lon Satton's character Ouma from Breakaway.

He says of the series "an intelligent, professional, technical, well put together piece of space fantasy about relationships between people and imaginative concepts about what could be and what could happen in space. I was very fortunate to take part in the programme."

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