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Situated behind Main Mission, this room is both Koenig's personal office and a meetings room used for informal and formal conferences with senior command staff. Besides the access to Main Mission (through the "Big Doors", as they are called in the script), there are two side doors to corridors.

The Big Doors between the Command Office and Main Mission. When opening them partially, only the left hand panel slides open. When they open fully they split in the centre.

Standard decoration[]

Furnishings include an Earth globe, two Throwaway sofas, the Toga chairs, Giano Vano Ruote telephone tables and a Mezzatessera round table.

There is a collection of rocks on the glass shelves between the side doors, and various containers in the wall shelves. The chair, often seen to the side of Command Office, is a Vicario design, wider than the standard Gaudi seats. Alongside Koenig's desk is a large Earth globe.

When the Big Doors are open, the Command Desk may be moved forward, sometimes well into Main Mission (see early scenes in The Last Sunset)

The alternative configuration of the room featured a large conference table. It must be broken into parts to be removed and replaced by the Mezzatessera table. The chairs are Selene.


The Command Office was revamped into several sets: Main Power Unit in Black Sun & Earthbound, Diagnostic Unit in Missing Link, Solarium in Force of Life and the Gymnasium in The Testament of Arkadia