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The CommLock (Portable Communication and Locking Device) is a hand-held, multi-function sensor/computer/transceiver designed for use on Moonbase Alpha and most extraterrestrial space centres. Carried on the belt, it functions as a security key (restricting access to sensitive and command areas), a transponder (instantly pinpointing the location of its carrier), an audio/visual communications unit, and a programmable computer.[1][2] In the second series, the use of the CommLock was greatly diminished and the Alpha complex doors opened for any individual when approached (even in restricted areas as seen in "The Seance Spectre") unless intentionally locked (as in "The Beta Cloud") or under an alien or paranormal influence (as in "The Lambda Factor").

Behind the Scenes[]

The CommLock is one of the best known and most enduring designs for Space: 1999. The original prop was designed around what then was "the world's smallest TV screen" (the 1971 "Integrated Circuit" Panasonic TR-001, 1.5"/35mm across). Current Cell Phones have many features anticipated in 1973, including audio-only and audio/video call capability, computer network access plus built-in infrared ports and short-range radio for communicating with external devices.[3]