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"A death on Thule would be a marvellous thing."


After receiving an invitation to visit the frozen planet of Ultima Thule, Koenig, Helena, Bergman and Carter land on the surface and soon find themselves lost in a blizzard. Carter manages to make his way back to the Eagle while the others are rescued by the survivors of the Uranus Expeditionary Probe of 1986, believed to have been lost in a proton storm. The Alphans meet Dr. [Cabot Rowland] who reveals that his group have survived on Ultima Thule for 880 years and none has aged a single day! Now they are attempting to rebuild their damaged ship and Rowland fosters dreams of travelling the stars as an immortal god. He invites the Alphans to give up their lunar home and join them on Thule, but Koenig learns his terrible secret...

Filming Schedule

Wednesday, September 11th - Monday, September 23rd, 1974.[N 2]


  1. Chronology is based on order suggested by Andrew Kearley (See Season Navbox for full list, and for Andrew's explanation)
  2. During filming, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain flatly refused to work on the ice cavern set until specialists confirmed that the fumes it gave off were non-toxic. Chemicals in the snow used in the blizzard scene took the top layer of skin off Landau's face.


Season 1
Breakaway I Earthbound I Black Sun I Missing Link I Voyager's Return I Matter of Life and Death I Ring Around the Moon I The Last Sunset I Alpha Child I Death's Other Dominion I Force of Life I Guardian of Piri I The Troubled Spirit I The Last Enemy I Collision Course I Dragon's Domain I The Full Circle I Mission of the Darians I End of Eternity I War Games I The Infernal Machine I Another Time, Another Place I Space Brain I The Testament of Arkadia
Episodes are listed in the order suggested by Andrew Kearley.