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Edward di Lorenzo is an American screenwriter.

He also wrote for series Miami Vice and The Wild Wild West. Writing for the big screen, The Idolmaker (1980) has been his greatest commercial success so far, although some consider Lady Frankenstein (1971) an artistically greater achievement.

Di Lorenzo contributed the scripts for "Ring Around the Moon"and "Missing Link", and the original concept for "Alpha Child" for Space: 1999 while also working as a script editor. His philosophical input for the series was also distilled into a novel White Light (1974), described by Johnny Byrne as a post-hippie version of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

He now teaches screenwriting at the University of Southern California.[1]


Johnny Byrne on Edward di Lorenzo: Ed wrote Missing Link and Ring Around The Moon, but they were heavily rewritten by Chris [Penfold]. Wonderful man though he was, and a writer with a delicate touch and philosophical feel, Ed had problems with the type of story needed for Space at the time. His great love was the book he was writing. I think it was called White Light, and like his script work, it was poetic, delicate, a sort of post hippy Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Chris's description). According to Chris, Ed left because he was fed up with the rewrite demands, and, anyhow, his book was his first priority. I was very sad and disappointed when he left because I felt he would have grown into the series and thus make it all the more special.[2]


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