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Giancarlo Prete was an Italian actor.

After he worked in the cinema as a stuntman, Prete went to Alessandro Fersen's acting school (where he later returned as a teacher) and began to act in many films and in television serials. In the following years Prete worked as dubbing director and acted only in television productions.

He made his film debut in Mister X (1966) and appeared extensively throughout the 1970s and 80s in Italian films such as The Price Of Death (1971), Confessions Of A Police Captain (1971), Three Musketeers Of The West (1972), Con Men (1972), Snow Job (1972), The Black Bellied Tarantula (1972), Massacre In Rome (1973), La Nottata (1974), The Anonymous Avenger (1974), The Loves And Times Of Scaramouche (1975), Messalina! Messalina! (1977) and The New Barbarians (1982). To English-speaking audiences, however, he is perhaps best-known for his roles in the Return Of The Saint episode The Village That Sold Its Soul, the mini-series War And Remembrance (in which he appeared as Dr. Castelnuovo) and the films Tornado (1983), Escape From The Bronx (1985), Detective School Dropouts (1985) and Ladyhawke (1985). More recently, he became a dubbing director preparing American television series such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The X Files and Northern Exposure for screening on Italian television.


  1. Prete was originally cast in Space:1999 in the regular role of Italian chief Eagle pilot Captain Alfonso Catani, but at the eleventh hour it transpired that he could not be released from his contract for the Italian film La Nottata which would be filmed at the same time, so the role was recast with Nick Tate as Alan Carter.