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Gianni Garko has made more than 45 feature film appearances in his native Italy, occasionally credited as Johnny Garko or Gary Hudson. To English-speaking viewers, however, he is unknown apart from his Space:1999 role. He made his feature debut in Kapo (1959) and went on to appear in a series of swords and sandals features such as Maciste, The Strongest Man In The World (1961), Pontius Pilate (1962) and The Last Glory Of Troy (1962) before graduating to spaghetti westerns as the gunslinger Sartana in Blood At Sundown (1966), Sartana (1968), I'll Dig Your Grave (1969) and And Sabata Killed Them All (1970). He also appeared in Vengeance Is Mine (1967), Red Roses For The Fuhrer (1968), Waterloo (1970), The Heroes (1972), Bad Man's River (1972), Those Dirty Dogs (1975), The Psychic (1977), Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern (Three Swedes in Bavaria) (1977),Summer Night Fever (1978), Star Odyssey (1978), Hercules In New York (1982), Monster Shark (1984) and Body Puzzle (1991), and was seen in the mini-series The Betrothed and Surviving At The Top.


  1. Known at the time as Zara, Dalmatia - a part of Italy