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Harry Oakes was a special effects lighting cameraman.


After service with the Royal Corps of Signals, Harry Oakes volunteered for the AFPU and served with No 5 Section in North West Europe from 1944 - 1945. He then served in South East Asia and then returned to cover the Allied Occupation of Vienna, December 1946. Equally at home using a cine or still photograph camera, he was one of the AFPU team deployed under the command of Lt H A Wilson to cover the relief of Bergen-Belsen (or Belsen) concentration camp in April 1945. He also covered the Rhein Crossing, accompanying the airborne landing of 6th Airborne Division, and the meeting of British and Soviet Forces on the Elbe.

Episodes Harry Oakes worked on[]

Breakaway, Force of Life, War Games, Collision Course, Death's Other Dominion, Voyager's Return, Alpha Child, Guardian of Piri, Dragon's Domain, Mission of the Darians, Black Sun, End of Eternity, Matter of Life and Death, Earthbound, The Full Circle, Another Time, Another Place, The Testament of Arkadia, The Last Sunset, Ring Around the Moon, Missing Link, Space Brain, The Troubled Spirit, The Last Enemy, The Infernal Machine