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Helena Russell is the Chief Medical Officer of Moonbase Alpha.


Early life and career[]

A physician's daughter, Helena Russell entered medical school shortly after her father's death. Following in his medical footsteps, she became one of the top experts in her chosen field of space medicine. Helena worked for the Space Commission where she met and later married astronaut Lee Russell. The marriage ended abruptly when he disappeared on a space mission. She retreated into the routine and security of her job until she developed a strong attachment for Commander John Koenig. Since joining the Space Service in 1992, Dr. Russell has won many awards for her achievements in space medicine. When the space dock and Moonbase Alpha were constructed, duty periods were generally one-to-two months.

The sterile atmosphere was found to cause restlessness and tension among the Alpha personnel. Efficiency suffered. Under Dr. Russell's guidance, many of the recreation rooms were transformed into exotic gardens with lush, tropical plants. This Earth-like atmosphere helped reduce tensions and boosted morale and production significantly. Dr. Russell was given the Donnelmyer Award for her work and was later assigned to the Moonbase as Medical Officer.[2]

After Breakaway[]


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