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Journey Through The Black Sun is a Space: 1999 compilation film, compiled From the episodes Collision Course and Black Sun, with a run time of 89 minutes


This movie and Cosmic Princess were part of the Super Space Theatre package, edited on videotape in the USA. Picture quality is poor and the episodes are heavily cut.

ITC promoted the film with the tag "There is no escape from its deadly pull"

It was shown on German channel SAT1 on 15 May 1994.


The titles consist of crude computer animation of a yellow sun which turns black, then moves near the planet Atheria.

Helena's status report from New Adam New Eve is used in the titles ("It is as though a strange presence is among us, taking control")

Collision Course is cut by 6 minutes, Black Sun is cut by 7 minutes.

Dialogue from Arra is moved to the moment as the Moon finally leaves the heart of the black sun.


The credits include "Dr Victor Bergman". Bergman's title is "Professor", not "Doctor".