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Lee H. Katzin was an American film director.

Early life and education[]

He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and became a TV director in the late 1960s, including episodes for Bonanza, Mission: Impossible and Police Story. He also directed the 1971 feature film Le Mans.


Starting in 1969, he did an array of theatrical films starting with Heaven with a Gun and other films like The Break and the cult classic What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? In 1972, he directed the film The Salzburg Connection, which starred Barry Newman and Anna Karina.

In 1975, he directed the launch episode "Breakaway", and other early episodes, of the Gerry Anderson live-action series Space: 1999. He also directed the pilots for the television series Man from Atlantis and Spenser: For Hire. But he was primarily known as a prolific episodic television director, helming many episodes of such series as MacGyver ,Police Story (1973 TV Series), The Young Riders, and Mission Impossible, among others.[1]