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Lee Russell was the husband of Moonbase Alpha Chief Medical Officer Helena Russell.


Lee Russell was medical officer on the Astro 7 mission. In 1994, the ill-fated exploratory vessel arrived at Jupiter and became trapped in orbit. When contact was lost, the ship was believed to have been burned up by that planet's intense radiation.[2]

Lee (or some image of him) survived, in a matter of speaking, altered and in some senses not life as normally known, for his life readings do not register on Alpha's systems after he is found on an Eagle returning from an exploration mission from Terra Nova. All further information in this entry is about whatever this being actually is (i.e. not necessarily Lee himself).

Victor speculated that "perhaps some aspect of that planet's environment might have caused him to adapt, to change in some way, which our instruments can't record."

He is capable of generating what look like electrical charges, one of which causes Helena to be propelled across the room.

Thermographic scans only show normal heat patterns when Helena is nearby, leading to speculation he's drawing on Helena for some life force.

Lee warns the Commander to stay away from the planet, that there is power beyond understanding there, that it would destroy them.

He then "dies" (or at least ceases to function in the unusual way he has been to that point), and after some hours(?), his body vanishes, retriggering concerns among some Alphans, especially Victor, about attempting to colonize Terra Nova.

He reappears on Terra Nova after all Alphans except Helena have died while attempting to explore Terra Nova, some on the planet, the rest on the Moon when it explodes. Lee reappears to a shocky Helena and offers to restore everything and everyone.[3]