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This is a list of spacecraft and other vehicles that appear in Space: 1999.

Eagle Transporter[]

Main article: Eagle Transporter

The Eagle Transporter is Moonbase Alpha's primary reconnaissance, supply and defence spacecraft.

Alien bomber[]

Main article: Alien bomber

An Alien bomber which is encountered during the birth of the first child born on Alpha after Breakaway

Mark IX Hawk[]

Main article: Hawk (Fighter)

The Mark IX Hawk, aka the Hawk fighter, is a defensive fighter spacecraft.

Meta Probe[]

Main article: Meta Probe

The Meta Probe was a two person craft being prepared for a mission to investigate the approaching planet Meta.

Moon Buggy[]

Main article: Moon Buggy (Space: 1999)

The Moon Buggy is used for both short- and long-range travel on the lunar surface.

Space Dock[]

Main article: Space Dock

Space Dock is a space station in orbit of the Moon.


Main article: Starcruiser

This Swift-like spacecraft is seen as a desk model in the 1979 Alien Attack compilation movie on the desk in The International Lunar Commission facility, with a Saturn V scale model.

Alien Attack is a sort of non-canonical movie, in fact, is set in 2100, not 1999; Simmonds is dead during the breakaway and not on the Kaldorian spacecraft from "Earthbound".

The Starcruiser is probably based on the SHADO Interceptor from Anderson's UFO, but it is made using various Swift parts.


Main article: Swift

This ship, in "Brian the Brain", is a probe and along with Mothership and other Swifts is launched for the 1996 Star Mission, but is found by the Alphans with only the evil robot Brian as part of the crew.

Super Swift[]

Main article: Super Swift

The Super Swift is featured in the second series episode "The Bringers of Wonder", Parts One and Two. Modelled by special effects technician Brian Johnson, its design was influenced by the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and was a re-working of that of the Swift spacecraft that appears in the earlier second series episode "Brian the Brain".

In "The Bringers of Wonder", the Super Swift is stated to have been in the initial stages of development when the Moon was blasted out of Earth orbit. Designed to incorporate an un-invented faster-than-light drive, work on the Super Swift stalled when the propulsion system could not be realised.[1] The eponymous "Bringers of Wonder" later exploit the Moonbase Alpha crew's memories of the design to create an illusion of the Super Swift while approaching the Moon in their own spacecraft. The Super Swift includes a three-person "pilot ship", a small scoutcraft also capable of faster-than-light speeds.

Ultra Probe[]

Main article: Ultra Probe

Ultra Probe is a long-range exploratory spacecraft, launched in 1996, which is featured in the first series episode "Dragon's Domain". Commanded by Captain Tony Cellini, it carries three science officers: Dr Darwin King (astrophysicist), Professor Juliet Mackie (radiation expert) and Dr Monique Fouchere (medical officer). That Cellini is able to dock an Eagle Transporter nose cone where the command module is originally positioned indicates that the technologies of the Eagle and Ultra Probe are broadly compatible.[2]

Ultra Probe is designed to travel to, and land on, the planet Ultra (discovered by Professor Victor Bergman in 1994). Launched from Space Dock, the probe arrives at Ultra in February 1997. On arrival, the crew discover a group of derelict alien spacecraft orbiting the planet.[3] During an attempted boarding, a tentacled alien lifeform enters Ultra Probe through the airlock. Capable of mind control and hypnosis, the creature seizes three of the crew and devours them, regurgitating their carcasses. Cellini escapes by detaching the command module lifeboat from the rest of the probe and is rescued six months later.[3]

Since neither the creature nor the abandoned spacecraft appear in the Ultra Probe space-flight records, the Earth authorities reject Cellini's account of the disaster, ruling that his colleagues died when he opened the airlock prematurely. Commander John Koenig believes Cellini and publicly defends him, securing a position for him on Moonbase Alpha. Following the Moon's departure from Earth orbit, the Alphans encounter the now-drifting Ultra Probe. Cellini steals an Eagle Transporter and returns to the vessel by detaching the command module with himself in and docking it in the place of the probeship's command module (which was different from the Eagle's one). After a struggle with the alien, he suffers the same fate as his shipmates. Koenig docks in a second Eagle and manages to kill the creature.

Voyager One/Voyager Two[]

Main article: Voyager Probes

The Voyager space probes were two unmanned craft launched in 1985. Intended for remote exploration, they were fitted with two forms of propulsion: the powerful but poisonous Queller Drive intended to fire only in deep space, and traditional rocket engines for safe use when near inhabited worlds or vehicles.

Solar system vehicles[]

Astro-class spaceship[]

Main article: Astro class

The Astro Class were a series of crewed spaceprobes developed by the World Space Commission for Solar System exploration missions.

Phoenix (formerly known as "Uranus Expeditionary Probe" or simply as "Uranus Probe")[]

Main article: Uranus Expeditionary Probe

In "Death's Other Dominion", the probe sent to Uranus in 1986, after a partial rebuilding, is conserved by the Thulians on a rail, under Ultima Thule's surface.

The Phoenix craft is a clear reference to the spacecraft featured in When Worlds Collide.[4]

Venus space station[]

In "The Exiles" and "The Lambda Factor" there are mentions of a manned space station sent in the 1990s to Venus, though it does never appear. It is unknown if its designed resembled the Space Dock's.


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