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The Meta Probe is an investigative space probe featured in the pilot episode "Breakaway". Designed to transport a two-person crew to an uncharted planet, "Meta", which is passing through the outskirts of the Solar System and is thought to harbour intelligent extraterrestrial life, it is due to be launched from Space Dock in September 1999.[1]

The mission to Meta is postponed when the crew seemingly contract a virus, later dying on Moonbase Alpha (although the cause of death is subsequently revealed to be "magnetic radiation" emanating from nuclear waste disposal areas on the Moon's far side). With the arrival of a back-up crew, preparations for launch resume, but both Meta Probe and Space Dock are lost when the disposal sites detonate and the resulting chain reaction forces the Moon from its orbit. Meta Probe is hurled into interplanetary space.[1]

Physical Description[]

The centre section comprises four cylindrical propellant tanks in addition to two solar panel-like structures. The forward section consists of a standard two-person Eagle Transporter command module attached to a cylindrical module measuring 4.5 m.

Other depictions[]

The fan film Malice: 1999 features the surviving Meta Probe and the last Hawk (seemingly docking-compatible) trying to reach the breaking-away Moon.

In the Italian dubbing, all the probes to Meta are called "sonde B-9" ("B-9 probes).

in 2005 Small Art Works released a limited edition, 1:72 resin model kit of the Meta Probe.[2]


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