The monitoring depot provides a base for operations at Nuclear Disposal Area 2. Typical crew would include 2-4 astronauts, plus 2 medical/security staff. The distinctive circular building has an attached launch pad.

The windows of the studio set closely match the circular model, but the corners on the far side of the studio windows extend out.

The view through the window of the Eagle landing shows the boarding tube on the opposite side. The later view when Area 2 starts to explode shows the boarding tube on the side closer to the depot. The view from the windows would look down on the pad.

The Monitoring Depot is on a raised mound to one corner of Area 2. Two other depots are just visible on the opposite sides of Area 2. Presumably there are four, one at each corner of the disposal area.

Behind the ScenesEdit

There were two smaller buildings (in scale with the 22 inch Eagle) and one large building (in scale with the 44 inch Eagle).