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Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 opened in 1994 and was operating for 5 years before it exploded on September 13th 1999, blasting the Moon out of Earth orbit. Activities were monitored from the Monitoring Depot.

The site is much bigger than Area 1 (140 times as much nuclear waste), and unlike the earlier construction, included synthocrete radiation covers and a perimeter laser fence.

The cross-shaped area had 35 silo caps. There were 12 silo caps each in the "west" and "south" wings. The "north" wing had 7 silo caps. The "east" wing only contained 4 caps. This wing had 6 black circles, which were most likely temporary caps which weren't filled yet.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

There were three scales of SFX model: one for the full NDA2, one featuring the central hub with the 22" Eagle, and large sections of the silos caps, cans and barriers in scale with the 44" Eagle.[2]

According to the Shane Johnson timeline, it is discovered - 73 days after Breakaway - that the immense fusion reaction that took place on the far side of the moon has created a huge, new 'mare' where Nuclear Disposal Area Two once was. Victor Bergman names it 'the Sea of Folly.'[3]