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Quinton is seen throughout Year One, usually with Tony Allan. He also appears throughout Year Two. Quinton's surname is given on his helmet visible in both Ring Around The Moon and Earthbound. Quinton is also called "Pierce" in The Mark Of Archanon and that is the name on his ID badge for most of Year 2. In the script of The Testament Of Arkadia Tony and Quinton are named Irwin and N'Dole (Quinton being N'Dole), but they are not so named in dialogue.

Quinton and Allan are seen on the depot screen, recieving Bergman's order to bring Nordstrom in when the latter goes mad in Breakaway.

When Lee throws Mathias to the floor in Matter of Life and Death, Quinton and Allan are the guards who run to restrain him, and then guard him throughout the interrogation.

He stands watching the poker game in Black Sun. In Ring Around the Moon, he is shown on the Eagle flight to Triton probe.

During The Last Sunset, Quinton is seen in corridors as the gas first escapes, and later runs out into rain.

He was presumably assigned to Moonbase as far back as 1996, as he can be seen among the crowd in the flashback scenes of Dragon's Domain.[2]

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