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Space Dock is a space station in orbit of the Moon. It is introduced in "Breakaway", in which it is also called Meta Probe Launch Platform. In "Dragon's Domain", it is referred to as Interplanetary Space Station, while The Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual (1977) uses the name Centauri Space Station.

Space Dock is used for launching interplanetary missions, including Ultra Probe (in 1996)[1] and Meta Probe (in 1999),[2] as well as providing a stop-over point for travellers to and from the Moon. Modular in construction, it comprises a cylindrical core, with two sets of "arms" projecting outwards from both ends. Re-fuelling and maintenance facilities are available, as are accommodation and dining. In "Dragon's Domain", an Eagle Transporter landing platform is also seen. Although not explicitly stated in the series itself, a fleet of Mark IX Hawk, as seen in "War Games", is probably stationed at Space Dock.[3]

Under the supervision of the International Lunar Finance Commission, the building of Space Dock commenced on 2 July 1981 and was completed by 19 June 1982, enabling the space station to preside over the construction of Moonbase Alpha, which commenced on 3 February 1983.[4] When the Moon left Earth orbit on 13 September 1999, Space Dock was destroyed by gravitational stress; however, a news report states that, like the Moon, the space station was simply thrown out of orbit.[2]

According to Space: 1999 Catacombs, the Space Dock was designed to look like a wet workshop.[5]