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Tanya Aleksandr is a Main Mission operative on Moonbase Alpha.


She normally sits alongside Paul Morrow, although she is not a member of the senior command staff. She appears to be German or Russian.[N 1] She pronounces her surname "Alexandre" (or "Alexandria") in Breakaway.[N 2] In Ring Around the Moon she appears to have a relationship or at least friendship with Clifford. In The Last Sunset, Alan Carter has his arm round her.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

She is featured in all Year 1 episodes except The Infernal Machine and Mission of the Darians. She is barely seen in some episodes - in The Full Circle she is only seen in one shot from behind, and is also only glimpsed in The Last Enemy.[1]



  1. Suzanne Roquette's nationality and accent are German.
  2. David Hirsch renamed her "Alexander" (an English/Scottish surname) for his Technical Notebook. The correct Russian form is "Aleksandr", the French form is "Alexandre".