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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

{{w}} is a handly little shortcut that equates the following markup:

[[wikipedia:article name]] --> {{w|article name}}


{{w}} incorporates one kind of 'pipe trick'. As long as the wikipedia article is not disambiguated, then it will automatically get rid of the prepending "wikipedia:". Hence,

{{w|London}} results in London.

However, if the wikipedia title is disambiguated, you must type a little more. For instance,

{{w|London (band)}} renders London (band)
{{w|London (band)|London}} renders London

Note for editors from other wikis

Other wikis use something similar to this template. Memory Alpha, for instance uses a template with exactly the same name. However, our {{w}} is a bit different to memoryalpha:template:w, in that it defaults to the name of the page if you don't add your own variable name. In essence, Memory Alpha use {{w}} to do not only what this one does, but also what {{wikipediainfo}} does. The default value of the second variable in this template is the value of first variable — not the name of the page on which you're working. That's why :{{w|London}} renders London.

For those interested in technical details, when you type {{w|London}}, our template is actually delivering the following code: [[wikipedia:London|London]].

In other iterations of this template around Wikia, it might instead be delivering this code: [[wikipedia:London|{{PAGENAME}}]], which is sometimes a very different thing.

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