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Tony Allan is a security guard assigned to Moonbase Alpha.

Tony's forename is given in Earthbound, and his surname Allan is seen on his helmet in Ring Around the Moon. In the script of The Testament of Arkadia Tony and Quinton are named Irwin and N'Dole (Tony being Irwin), but they are not so named in dialogue. He is usually with Quinton; the only episodes they are not together are Another Time, Another Place (Tony only), Missing Link (Tony only), The Full Circle (Tony only), Black Sun (Quinton only) and The Last Sunset (Quinton only).

He is head of Security in Year 1 (and takes a place at the Command Conference in Guardian of Piri).

His hair is short at the start of Year One. From The Full Circle he has a beard. He is clean shaven, but with longer hair, in the final two episodes, Dragon's Domain, and The Testament Of Arkadia. In certain scenes of The Last Enemy and Space Brain (filmed at the end of the series) he has a fake beard.

Episodes in which Tony Allan appears[]


  1. Also as Caveman
  2. May be named Irwin